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1V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs offer some of the best performance for their class. As with most products, there is ... Read review

$34.954.5 Visit website
2South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke has been in business long enough to earn their good reputation. The company is ... Read review

3Blue eCigs

Blue eCigs

Out of the three basic vaping kits I have tried out, Blu eCig stands out especially in terms of ‘... Read review

$14.993.5 Visit website
4White Cloud E-Cig

White Cloud E-Cig

White Cloud is good if you like having a variety of things to choose from. With their massive range ... Read review

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5Green Smoke E-Cigs

Green Smoke E-Cigs

The Green Smoke provides a great quality and vapor content, and it's easily among the most highly ... Read review

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Other than a few small issues, VaporFi’s products are high-quality and durable. The e-liqued is ... Read review

$39.993 Visit website

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VaporFi ‘Pro Kit’ Review

VaporFi Review: Pro Kit The Pro Starter Kit is the staple device of VaporFi. The Starter Kit comes equipped with a 650mah battery, which is similar in appearance to an evod. The battery can be upgraded to 1000mah in various colors that can be seen on the VaporFi website. VaporFi recently started offering an upgradable


Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Review

Green Smoke, one of the most highly recognized brands available, is an immensely popular brand of e-cig in the United States. While the company is competing with V2 Cigs, they don’t feel as good in general, which is only noticeable when you compare them side-by-side. Green Smoke boasts some of the industry’s boldest flavors, and


V2 Cigs Review

V2’s launch of their line of EX products has made them one of the more popular e-cig makers out there. The EX Series looks like a normal e-cig, but features better batteries, refillable tanks, improved flavors and more vapor in a smaller package. These e-cigs are like a cross between the small, portable designs and

Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs

Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs If you still continue to smoke because something about vaping just didn’t sit right with you. Whether it was the taste, a weak throat hit, the complexity of high-end devices, or simply not sure how to get started we are going to breakdown a few of the major