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If you’re looking for the complete package at an affordable price then CIGAVETTE should be your ... Read review

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2South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke has been in business long enough to earn their good reputation. The company is ... Read review

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3White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

I found White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes through an online ad and I have purchasing since October ... Read review

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They have e-Cigarettes, Vapes, e-Cigars, e-Pipes, e-Hookah and more. Diverse.... Read review

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5Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs

Halo is currently one of the leading brands that mixes style with a strong product. The design is ... Read review

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6BlackHawx Electronic Cigarettes

BlackHawx Electronic Cigarettes

What I love about Blackhawx is that they have an amazing product and they keep things simple.... Read review

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7V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs

V2 e-Cigs offer some of the best performance for their class. They have improved quality and ... Read review

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8Blue eCigs

Blue eCigs

Blu e-Cig stands out the most compared to Njoy and Logic. Especially in terms of original feel. The ... Read review

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9Green Smoke E-Cigs

Green Smoke E-Cigs

Green Smoke prides themselves on being an industry leader, which guarantees you the best possible ... Read review

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VaporFi’s products are high-quality and durable. The e-Liqued is comparable with the best brands ... Read review

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If you’re looking for the complete package at an affordable price then CIGAVETTE should be your choice. Their selection and choice is one the best in the industry and they excel in producing great tasting flavors and ideal starter kits. They are stylish, perform consistently and produce amazing vapor. I’m more than happy to endorse

BlackHawx Electronic Cigarettes Review

I came across Blackhawx (www.blackhawx.com) while I was browsing through the web searching for a quality electronic cigarettes brand. I found the website to be very clean and modern looking while displaying all products in an organized manner. I checked out the social media content as well and I enjoyed the trend and message that

Halo Cigs Review

I ordered the G6 Starter Kit through Halo Cigs wanting to try it out after hearing some good reviews. Halo is currently one of the leading brands that mixes style with a strong product. The design is one of the best and case was very slick, coming in a black box with the inside being

EPuffer Review

Item: Magnum Snaps E-Pack Kit + Bonus $69.95 +Tax and FREE 5-7 business days shipping ($9.95 for 2-3 days) I was referred to epuffer from my uncle that is a regular at the site. The first impression I had on the site was really positive. They had high quality resolution images, well-organized tabs and clean

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Review

Item: Cirrus 2 Starter Kit $39.95 (It can range up to $139.95 based on add-ons) Item: Regular Flavor Fling Wide Disposable E-Cig $12.95 +Tax and $5.75 USPS Priority Mail I found White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes through an online ad and I have purchasing since October 2014. The website has a clean and bright image that

Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Review

Green Smoke e-Cig is one of the most well known and popular brands available. The overall product does not have a good touch to it but the product itself works great. Green Smoke produces some of the industry’s boldest flavors, and the taste is quite pleasing. Each cartridge is packaged well that it ensures long lasting freshness and

V2 Cigs Review

The introduction of their new line of EX products has allowed them to become one of the most popular e-cig makers on the market. The EX Series has a slick design of a normal e-cig, but features better batteries, refillable tanks, unique flavors and more vapor in a smaller package. These e-cigs are a combination of both the

VaporFi ‘Pro Kit’ Review

VaporFi Review: Pro Kit The Pro Starter Kit is the staple device of VaporFi. The Starter Kit comes equipped with a 650mah battery, which is similar in appearance to an evod. The battery can be upgraded to 1000mah in various colors that can be seen on the VaporFi website. VaporFi recently started offering an upgradable

Inside the World of Competitive Vaping

People might see vaping as a source to quit smoking cigarettes or view them as a portable hookah. But vaping is beyond those thoughts. The vaping industry has taken new heights to the point it is now considered a sport. These sporting events do not require bats and/or balls but instead require vaporizers or MODS

Commonly Used Terms in e-cigs (Glossary)

Electronic Cigarette 101 – Glossary Analog – A term used by the vaping community to describing “traditional” tobacco cigarettes. Atomizer – The atomizer is the component in an electronic cigarette or vaporizer that is responsible for heating the e-liquid to the point of vaporization. The atomizer contains the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. Some people call

5 REAL Benefits of e-Cigs

1. THE FREEDOM TO VAPE IN MANY LOCATIONS There are strict smoking restrictions and it is increasing every day and most smokers struggle to find a place where they’re allowed to indulge in their habit. Vaping regulations vary by city but it is less restrictive than tobacco products. Cigarette smoke smells terrible because of the

VaporFi Review

First known as ‘Vapor Zone’ – VaporFi offers over 12 customary starter kits, which are individually designed for those of various vaping experiences and needs. VaporFi has a wide range of sizes and design to help match your preference. They have all sorts of MODS that you can customize and mix/match.   Vapor Review: The Package

Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs

Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs If you still continue to smoke because something about vaping just didn’t sit right with you. Whether it was the taste, a weak throat hit, the complexity of high-end devices, or simply not sure how to get started we are going to breakdown a few of the major