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Commonly Used Terms in e-cigs (Glossary)

Electronic Cigarette 101 – Glossary Analog – A term used by the vaping community to describing “traditional” tobacco cigarettes. Atomizer – The atomizer is the component in an electronic cigarette or vaporizer that is responsible for heating the e-liquid to the point of vaporization. The atomizer contains the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. Some people call

5 REAL Benefits of e-Cigs

1. THE FREEDOM TO VAPE IN MANY LOCATIONS There are strict smoking restrictions and it is increasing every day and most smokers struggle to find a place where they’re allowed to indulge in their habit. Vaping regulations vary by city but it is less restrictive than tobacco products. Cigarette smoke smells terrible because of the

BlackHawx Electronic Cigarettes Review

I came across Blackhawx ( while I was browsing through the web searching for a quality electronic cigarettes brand. I found the website to be very clean and modern looking while displaying all products in an organized manner. I checked out the social media content as well and I enjoyed the trend and message that