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Commonly Used Terms in e-cigs (Glossary)

Electronic Cigarette 101 – Glossary Analog – A term used by the vaping community to describing “traditional” tobacco cigarettes. Atomizer – The atomizer is the component in an electronic cigarette or vaporizer that is responsible for heating the e-liquid to the point of vaporization. The atomizer contains the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. Some people call

5 REAL Benefits of e-Cigs

1. THE FREEDOM TO VAPE IN MANY LOCATIONS There are strict smoking restrictions and it is increasing every day and most smokers struggle to find a place where they’re allowed to indulge in their habit. Vaping regulations vary by city but it is less restrictive than tobacco products. Cigarette smoke smells terrible because of the

Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs

Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs If you still continue to smoke because something about vaping just didn’t sit right with you. Whether it was the taste, a weak throat hit, the complexity of high-end devices, or simply not sure how to get started we are going to breakdown a few of the major

eCig Basics

When I began using electronic cigarettes in 2007, most people hadn’t heard of them. Now, however, anyone who hasn’t heard of e-cigs is thought to be living under a rock. Today, a lot of people are interested in trying e-cigs, and they want to know how the devices work and if they present an acceptable

E-Cig Size Guide

When most people hear of electronic cigarettes, the first thing that comes to mind is usually mini e-cigs. As the name suggests, these are miniature devices that look and often feel like a traditional tobacco cigarette. New vapers are drawn to these because they offer a more familiar experience for those who are used to

Electronic Cigarette Guide

Electronic Cigarette Guide Many people who are interested in switching to e-cigs don’t have the first clue where to get one. It’s important to source your cartridges, liquids and other equipment from a safe, reliable and affordable supplier. In the past few years, electronic cigarettes have exploded in popularity. They’re even considered the ideal choice

Understanding Atomizers, Cartomizers and Clearomizers

Cartomizers vs Clearomizers vs Atomizers As vaping becomes increasingly mainstream, many people find themselves confused about e-cigs, how they function and what the perks are. Unfortunately, a dearth of straightforward information about atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers does nothing to help the situation. Despite the fact that they’re some of the most basic vaping equipment, a lot of

How Atomizers Work

Many people find the idea of e-cigarettes to be somewhat intimidating. The community that has risen up around this technology is often very helpful to new vapers, but numerous misunderstandings about e-cigs persist. In fact, it some things are so confusing that anyone who is interested in vaping may be uncertain of how to get