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BlackHawx Electronic Cigarettes Review

I came across Blackhawx (www.blackhawx.com) while I was browsing through the web searching for a quality electronic cigarettes brand. I found the website to be very clean and modern looking while displaying all products in an organized manner. I checked out the social media content as well and I enjoyed the trend and message that

Halo Cigs Review

I ordered the G6 Starter Kit through Halo Cigs wanting to try it out after hearing some good reviews. Halo is currently one of the leading brands that mixes style with a strong product. The design is one of the best and case was very slick, coming in a black box with the inside being

EPuffer Review

Item: Magnum Snaps E-Pack Kit + Bonus $69.95 +Tax and FREE 5-7 business days shipping ($9.95 for 2-3 days) I was referred to epuffer from my uncle that is a regular at the site. The first impression I had on the site was really positive. They had high quality resolution images, well-organized tabs and clean

VaporFi Review

First known as ‘Vapor Zone’ – VaporFi offers over 12 customary starter kits, which are individually designed for those of various vaping experiences and needs. VaporFi has a wide range of sizes and design to help match your preference. They have all sorts of MODS that you can customize and mix/match.   Vapor Review: The Package

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Review

Item: Cirrus 2 Starter Kit $39.95 (It can range up to $139.95 based on add-ons) Item: Regular Flavor Fling Wide Disposable E-Cig $12.95 +Tax and $5.75 USPS Priority Mail I found White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes through an online ad and I have purchasing since October 2014. The website has a clean and bright image that

Green Smoke E-Cigarettes Review

Green Smoke e-Cig is one of the most well known and popular brands available. The overall product does not have a good touch to it but the product itself works great. Green Smoke produces some of the industry’s boldest flavors, and the taste is quite pleasing. Each cartridge is packaged well that it ensures long lasting freshness and

South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke has been in business long enough to earn their good reputation. The company is renowned for its great flavors and long warranties. While they’re not ranked in our top three, if a wide selection of mouth-watering flavors tickles your fancy, you might want to give them a try. South Beach Smoke makes

V2 Cigs Review

The introduction of their new line of EX products has allowed them to become one of the most popular e-cig makers on the market. The EX Series has a slick design of a normal e-cig, but features better batteries, refillable tanks, unique flavors and more vapor in a smaller package. These e-cigs are a combination of both the

Mt. Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Juice Review

Mt. Baker (or Mount Baker) Vapor is known as being one of the biggest online providers of e-cigarette juices for vaping. With almost 100 different e juice flavors at the time of writing, Mt. Baker provides your choice of flavors in several categories — including beverage flavors, cereal flavors, fruit flavors, dessert flavors, candy flavors,