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VaporFi ‘Pro Kit’ Review

VaporFi Review: Pro Kit The Pro Starter Kit is the staple device of VaporFi. The Starter Kit comes equipped with a 650mah battery, which is similar in appearance to an evod. The battery can be upgraded to 1000mah in various colors that can be seen on the VaporFi website. VaporFi recently started offering an upgradable

V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit Review

The Standard E-Liquid Tank is unique from the rest of V2 Cig’s offerings because it includes the “EX Blanks” cartridges. If you want refillable tanks, this is the kit to go with. You can refill the Blanks with any e-liquid on the planet, which means you can customizer your experience and save money by refilling yourself. [yasr_overall_rating] [yasr_visitor_votes


V2 Beginners’s Kit Review

The “Beginner’s Kit” is the only kit htat does not contain the EX upgraded battery and tanks. It’s great for those on a budget. [yasr_overall_rating] [yasr_visitor_votes size=”large”]   It comes with a battery, 5-pack of flavor cartridges, a USB charger and a disposable e-cig just in case you need one.


V2 Ultimate EX Kit Review

If you have a large budget for your e-cigarette shopping, the Ultimate EX Kit is the way to go. It comes with almost everything V2 Cigs has to offer: 5 5-Packs of EX Cartridges in flavors of your choice 3 EX Batteries 1 Portable Charging Case 1 Soft Carrying Case 1 Car Adapter 1 V2

V2 Couples EX Kit – Review

The Couples EX Kit is actually very simple: it’s two Standard EX Kits in one package. So if you and your significant other both want to switch to e-cigarettes, or if you and a friend simply want save money by buying together, this is the perfect option. You end up saving about $25 compared to