Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs

Finding the Best Vape For Your Needs

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If you still continue to smoke because something about vaping just didn’t sit right with you. Whether it was the taste, a weak throat hit, the complexity of high-end devices, or simply not sure how to get started we are going to breakdown a few of the major reason you need to give vaping another shot. The best is yet to come!

Or if you have already made the switch and you have close friends or family members who still smoke and you want to help them, these reasons below might give them that nudge they need to kick smoking to the curb for good.

Finding the best vape is vital in this battle, followed by finding that perfect vape e-juice. This sounds rather easy but with all the different styles of vaporizers on the market the amount of options are extremely vast. To simplify for someone starting out, we want to focus on top 5 factors when starting the search.


First of all, you’ll need to look at convenience. You’ll want to convince your family member or friend that it’s more convenient for them to carry an e-cigarette than it is to carry a pack of traditional cigarettes. For those first starting out, the best kind of e-cig for them are the small ones that resemble a real cigarette, or a “cig-a-like”. Not only are these some of the smallest e-cigarettes on the market, they’re also very simple to use. They are an excellent e-cigarette for beginners and cost is among the lowest out of all the vaping variations. If they have tried the disposable style and wasn’t impressed, move to a vape pen and fill that tank with either a tobacco or menthol flavor that they are used to.

Once you get used to using a cig-a-like e-cig, you can choose the best features you like about it and upgrade to a bigger, more powerful vape if you need more vapor or throat hit. There are thousands of different styles and devices to choose from and starting with a cig-a-like is the best way to figure out what you like before spending any more money.


Without the e-liquid, the actual e-cig wouldn’t be worth anything. E-liquid will impact a user’s entire experience, since it contains the nicotine, PG, VG and additional flavoring for the e-cigarette. This is the most important factor in keeping someone from going back to cigarettes. If it doesn’t taste right, they wont keep using it. The appropriate amount of nicotine is vital here – heavy smokers need to go big with a 12mg or higher, light smokers go with 12mg or lower.

One of the best parts about vaping is the different choices available for the flavors. Many first time users prefer the tobacco flavors to start with as it is familiar in taste to a tobacco cigarette. Once they get used to vaping, many will venture off into using other flavors they like such as fruit flavors or candy flavors. This makes switching to e-cigs even easier, as soon the taste of a tobacco cigarette becomes less and less attractive, eventually becoming a smell and taste that is vulgar and repulsive.

Battery Life

There are disposable e-cigarettes that are meant to only be used until the e-liquid and battery life runs out. The battery life on these e-cigarettes can vary greatly, but you may be better off recommending to your family member an vaporizer that contains a battery that can be recharged. Battery life is extremely important as the device has to last you through the day and can be relied on to be there whenever the urge arises. Most vape mods can be easily recharged via USB components, and some vape kits will actually come with a car charger. If that device goes dead – guess what the alternative is?

A battery should allow you to use your device as and when you want it. If it dies halfway through the day, either get 2 batteries to use, or get a larger battery that can supply you with a day’s worth of vaping.


It goes without saying that quality in an e-cig is important, and if your family member or friend ends up with a poor quality one, they’ll be more likely to discard it and turn back to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Reading reviews will help with separating the good from the bad and should highlight the deciding factors that you are looking for.

Build quality is the most important factor when you are a heavy user. Remember that these devices need to be rugged and withstand drops and abuse. The heavier your vape is, the harder it will hit the ground. Make sure you find something that fits your lifestyle and buy accordingly.

Some of the most durable vapes are called box mods. Box mods are a bit bigger than most e-cigs, but offer a solid shell of metal to protect your investment. They are heavier as well, but they fit in a pocket or purse easily and pack a punch when it comes to vapor production and throat hit. Finding the best box mod for your needs is as simple as reading popular reviews and seeing what other vapers like and don’t like.


Everything costs money these days, but at the same time, no one is made out of money. Disposable e-cigarettes tend to be cheaper for light smokers, depending on how long the battery life and e-liquid lasts. The vape mods/pens that can have refillable e-liquid and a rechargeable battery will come in ‘starter kits’ and cost a lot more money, but they last longer and can hold more e-liquid. The best part about starter kits is that they have everything you need to start vaping right away. Typically, you will spend less by buying a complete kit than if you bought the e-cig components separately.

Nonetheless, if your friend or family member is impressed with the device, the price of it may be the last thing that they look at. Nonetheless, price is important. Besides the initial cost of either buying a disposable e-cigarette or a high-quality starter kit, you also have to look at long-term costs. Overall though, the cost of smoking e-cigarettes is only roughly half as smoking tobacco cigarettes, so you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year (believe it or not, but the average tobacco cigarette smoker spends between four to five thousand dollars a year just on cigarettes). It’s not uncommon, ever for a beginner, to drop around a $100 on their fit vape kit, just make sure the vendor has a good return/refund option.

All of these factors are important things to consider when selecting an e-cigarette – regardless who it’s for. The options, flavors, e-liquid, convenience, battery life, overall quality and the cost all have to be taken into consideration when choosing the right device. With the breakthroughs in vape technology, the options and styles are abundant, and it’s almost impossible not to find that winning device!



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