Inside the World of Competitive Vaping

People might see vaping as a source to quit smoking cigarettes or view them as a portable hookah. But vaping is beyond those thoughts. The vaping industry has taken new heights to the point it is now considered a sport. These sporting events do not require bats and/or balls but instead require vaporizers or MODS to compete. The players are commonly referred as the “Cloud Chasers” while their dedicated fans are known as “Cloud Gazers”. The competition is quite simple compared to other sporting events. The main objective is to see who can blow the longest and biggest cloud of smoke.

This sporting event have been heating up all over the world spreading from Canada to Indonesia and even from Virginia Beach, VA to such places as Los Angeles, CA. This showdown is usually not a massive event but few times a year there are competitions where vapers fly into from all over the world. For example, in Texas, it is one of the smaller contests that on the same day, there are 3 to 4 other competitions taking place around the Dallas area at various vape shops.

The competition is straightforward and to the point. The “Cloud Chasers” inhale on the devices which change the MOD’s e-Liquid into vapor. The Cloud Chasers then toast the contest by exhaling the longest, densest and largest cloud possible. Two years ago, it was simply 1 vs 1 completion but the contest has taken on every trapping of professional sports. The Vaping Showdown now has team events, sponsors and even large cash prizes. At this rate, this competition could be taken to the next level in no time. The contest requires technique, which is very critical and winning clouds are usually more cumulonimbus than cirrus. The user needs to be knowledgeable about the ohm, coils, mAh, and many other components along with how to modify and customize the device (Mechanical MOD) to produce the best vape producing machine. Vaping Showdown can be viewed similar to a go-cart race where the driver has to understand and modify the car that they are driving to compete and win the race. Welcome to the world of competitive vaping!