BlackHawx Electronic Cigarettes Review

I came across Blackhawx ( while I was browsing through the web searching for a quality electronic cigarettes brand. I found the website to be very clean and modern looking while displaying all products in an organized manner. I checked out the social media content as well and I enjoyed the trend and message that the company was setting. They still value the goals of using electronic cigarette to replace the deadly smoke of tobacco with clean odorless vapor but in style. The blog section they have posted on the website was actually very entertaining and educational. Each headline is a different topic so you will not get bored of reading the blogs even after a long period of time. This is a bonus, but the standout is their top-notch starter kit.

What I love about Blackhawx is that they have an amazing product and they keep things simple. They don’t overwhelm you with 90 different flavors or 20 different kinds of batteries. They are true to their brand and have the kit and cartridges. In my eyes, this shows confidence in their product showing that it is reliable and long lasting.

Is Blackhawx Starter Kit Right for you?
Whether you are a beginner or more advanced electronic cigarette user, it’s a great way to get started on the right foot. There are 4 great flavors with different strengths each producing great flavor and vapor with each hit. This is an e-Cig that provides a satisfying vape experience without having to go through inferior products. If you are an advanced user, you will love the combination of performance with portability. The production can be easily compared to any advanced product such as an eGo. Blackhawx offers starter kits built with quality and durability that has lasted over 2 years for me without any issue.

Blackhawx Starter-Kit Content:

1QT- Personal charging case
2QT- High performance e-Cig Battery Components
1QT- Wall + USB Charger
5QT- Zero strength Classic Tabacco cartridges as a starter
*Instruction Manual


The case (charger) has a glossy black design to it that expresses luxury at its finest with a clean finish to it. The devise itself is slightly longer than a regular cigarette but it actually fits and feels great. The bottom has an LED that lights up when inhaling. This design may look similar to other products out in the market but the feel and quality is easily noticeable once held. The cartridge is disposable one you finish it and can replaced with a simple twist.

I applaud Blackhawx for their top quality customer service. They often ship same day and I received my package in 2-days. I had a question about the product when I received it and they are very responsive when you e-mail the customer service department. They state that the response time will be within 24 hours but it is usually a lot quicker. You can leave your name, email and phone number if you would like to communicate and be contacted in person.


Top notch products
Great website
Amazing customer service

BlackHawx Electronic Cigarettes
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  • Rated 4.5 stars
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Summary: What I love about Blackhawx is that they have an amazing product and they keep things simple.