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blu e-Cigs is one of the originals when it comes to e-Cigs. Their focus is more on the mainstream product and less on the new vaporizer type products. The new Blu eCig starter kit has a tobacco taste that many smokers will find appealing. At a cost of $42.99 you get the normal kit plus a USB charger. You can also opt for the newly launched xpress starter pack that goes for only $11.99. The new package only has one battery as compared to the earlier two cells and has extra pouches for holding cartridges. I am however of the opinion that an extended battery life would do this pack some good.

How blu eCigs Work:

The main starter kit includes a battery and small, slim tube with a LED tipblu-plus-rechargeable-kit-264x230-new. When you used the e-cig, the LED tip will light up to a blue color. The other side of the tube is used to attach your cartridge to it. The cartridge is where the nicotine and flavor is held. In simple terms, they are the “engine” of the e-Cig. It is needed to get the nicotine dosage but there are non-nicotine cartridges as well.

The packaging has a modern design that looks classy. It will make you think that it is a big cigarette package. The packaging further has a flip top and on the inside, you will find a black plastic case that houses the chargers (USB and Car charger).

There are two batteries in the kit. This is very important as it allows you to charge one battery as you use the other. Included is a welcome guide that is useful for starters. Even active users might find it useful when it comes to instructions on assembly and maintenance. You will not have to struggle to look for cartridges as five of them are included with different flavors -two of them being classic tobacco flavors, one cherry, one menthol and one vanilla. My personal favorites are the Menthol but the Tobacco Classic is the way to go at all times.

The Cartridges:

Black_Cart_Description_high_res-sized-398x259Each cartridges comes with a built-in atomizer and a silicone tip, with the atomizer enhancing vapor production. blu e-Cig states that one cartridge could serve up to 250 puffs (around one pack of normal cigarettes). You do not have to worry about running out of cartridges as you can order more from the company’s site or retailers at $14.99 for the tanks and $8.99 for the liquids.

The nicotine levels have a wide range anywhere from 6-16 mgs. The standard one that the kit comes with ranges on the higher end at 13-16 mgs. The medium level is around 9-12 mgs and low level with 6-8 mgs. As mentioned earlier, there are flavored cartridges that have 0 mgs of nicotine. Those are usually for users that need the oral fixation of vapor.

Blu e-Cig uses mgs to categorize. Other companies prefer percentage. Whichever the case, the highest level of nicotine in Blue e-Cigs is 16 mgs or 1.6% nicotine. In comparison, Logic has an e-Cig cartridge recorded at 24mgs/2.4%. Njoy, on the other hand, offers the highest levels of nicotine at 4.5%


The Experience:
The blu e-Cig is similar to the size of an ordinary cigarette though a bit heavy due to the battery. The hard casing of the e-Cig also makes it hard for you to hold it like you would the analog cig. Holding it like a cigar is, however, more acceptable and comfortable. As for the Njoy King version, it replicates the analog cig almost to perfection, allowing you to hold it like normal cigarettes.
When it comes to the tobacco flavored cartridge, it produces the most accurate smoke experience I have ever had. Not to forget that the atomizer’s released an odorless, fairly thick cloud of vapor. The general feeling was like I was relishing the best of a traditional cigarette, only this time it was a bit heavy.

The only issue I encounter is the vape production after about 6-7 hours of use. I expected it to be a bit longer but like any item, if the battery is running low, the production will not be as great. Once you switch out the battery to a fully charged one, the production will go back to normal.

One difficulty that I personally experience with blu e-Cig is understanding the usage of the product. Compared to traditional cigarettes where you know how much you smoked, it is a bit harder to understand that concept with e-Cigs. The blu e-Cig has a feature that has the LED light blink five times when it is puffed more than six times in one minute. But the bad part is that the same signal is used when the battery is low and needs to be charged. I think it would have been better if the light flashed red when battery is low or some other way to identify the two problems.

After using blu e-Cig, I find the traditional cigarette taste and smell awful. This product is a great beginning for all users trying to get into e-cigs and part ways from traditional cigarettes.


Clean modern design
Best “original feel”


Short battery life
Flavored cartridges not as good as classic flavors

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Summary: Blu e-Cig stands out the most compared to Njoy and Logic. Especially in terms of original feel. The only drawback is the short battery life of the Blu e-Cig but that portion is similar to any other brand.