If you’re looking for the complete package at an affordable price then CIGAVETTE should be your choice. Their selection and choice is one the best in the industry and they excel in producing great tasting flavors and ideal starter kits. They are stylish, perform consistently and produce amazing vapor. I’m more than happy to endorse it as my number 1 ranked electronic cigarette of 2016.

We don’t give out our top spot to just any company. Here’s the deal: CIGAVETTE has proven that they are a new leader in this industry and has set their starter kit prices so that you, a “future ex-smoker”, can get in on this magic regardless of your situation. In fact, they are having a special where you get a starter kit and box of refills for under $30.00. That is an amazing and affordable price compared to other sites I have visited. They offer 6 different types of starter packs with different levels to satisfy your nicotine cravings.

Product Detail:

I ordered the Premiere – Light Starter Pack about a month ago not knowing what to expect. I heard about CIGAVETTE through a co-worker of mine and wanted to get my hands on it because he quit smoking cigarettes completely. After receiving my CIGAVETTE starter pack, I am extremely impressed with the packaging and quality of the product. The package comes with everything you need to start “vaping” and quit cigarettes right away. The Light Starter Pack was the perfect starting point (12mg) and the flavor was spot on. The compact size and durability is very convenient and allows it to be an everyday product even when traveling.

After using it for a month, I was pleased and proud of myself with the progress I made. I previously smoked a pack a day but went cold turkey and did not smoke a single stick of cigarette after using the kit from CIGAVETTE. I must say, this is one of the few companies that offer real choices for all types of smokers. I had no desire to leave this smoking alternative. I can really get use to this non-smoking lifestyle.

Customer Service:

One of the main reasons I go back to CIGAVETTE is the great customer service that they provide. I had a question regards to the kit I purchased and the representative I spoke to from CIGAVETTE offered to help right away and unlike other companies there was zero hassle on receiving assistance. CIGAVETTE provides customer service via phone and online. Users are offered a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime replacement warranty. It truly does not get any better than that. It shows that they have confidence in their products and genuinely care about the customer’s satisfaction.


I have been using CIGAVETTE for a month now and have loved every minute of it. I’ve used countless kinds of e-cigs such as Blu and NJoy but CIGAVETTE is at the top of the list without a doubt. I recently purchased a CIGAVETTE Full 18mg and a zero to test it out. I want to see how things will be if I went a level up and when I zero it out. Excited to test this out! I strongly recommend this to all readers and use discount code: SMOKEFREE for 10% off at checkout. Enjoy!


Best in industry
Wide selection: ecig, vape, hookah
Great customer service

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  • Last modified: September 5, 2017

Summary: If you’re looking for the complete package at an affordable price then CIGAVETTE should be your choice.