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I was referred to epuffer from my uncle that is a regular at the site. The first impression I had on the site was really positive. They had high quality resolution images, well-organized tabs and clean layout. They have e-Cigarettes, Vapes, e-Cigars, e-Pipes, e-Hookah and more. Another feature I found helpful that I do not see on other websites was the clearance section. People on a budget can find great quality products in that tab. I was looking into e-Cigarettes and they were heavily advertising the Magnum Snaps E-Pack. It was already on promotion ($10.00 off) and there is a discount code you can apply for more savings.


This starter-kit is very impressive and it is something I have never seen before. The design is very creative because it looks like an actual cigarette pack with a slick design. The case itself works as a flashlight; micro USB charging socket and the item indicates the battery level. When I received the product I was very impressed with the packaging and the weight of the battery. The battery life is great and the charging pack is well sized to fit in a pocket. It comes with (3) sample cartridges which each delivers up to 400 puffs so that is about 30 cigarettes. This e-Cig has an LED feature where the ash tip turns red or blue when it is being used. It is an E55M battery that is about 55mm in length so it is a perfect compact size.


Starter Kit Content:magnum-snaps-e-cigarette-kit
* 3 Premium Tobacco Sample Cartridges – Delivers Up-to 400 Puffs Each (~ 30 cigarettes)
* Universal AC2USB Adapter 110/240V
* Micro USB Charging Cable
* USB Charger
* Car Charger
* Instruction Manual



Customer Service:

The website has a great customer service line that makes you feel secure with all of your purchases. I had a minor issue with one of my cartridges and I was able to reach them at (1-855-387-3337) and speak to an actual representative. They work Monday – Friday 9:30am until 6:00pm EST. They were very friendly and shipped out a new cartridge with free shipping with basic questions. They try their best to make it easy on the customer so that is a huge reason why I come back because I know my purchases are backed up. The last time I smoked a cigarette was November 2015 so I thank epuffer for the help!


Wide selection: e-Cigarettes, to e-Hookah and more.
Nice value (clearance section)
Magnum Snaps E-Pack

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Summary: They have e-Cigarettes, Vapes, e-Cigars, e-Pipes, e-Hookah and more. Diverse.