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I ordered the G6 Starter Kit through Halo Cigs wanting to try it out after hearing some good reviews. Halo is currently one of the leading brands that mixes style with a strong product. The design is one of the best and case was very slick, coming in a black box with the inside being set up and designed to fit the product perfectly. Simply professional. The size could also fit perfectly for travel in one convenient box.

The cartridges come in red, blue, green white, and titanium–with the design simply the best. The coloring of each aren’t regular, but instead a matte finish. The coloring stands out more than your usual e-cigarette and is less susceptible to scratching

Vape Quality:g6_go_pack_open_1
The vape is one of the best in terms of vapor thickness and really hits the throat. The vape is extremely powerful and is very heavy. Always a strong feature that people love. Simply put, it is a Halo vapor and smoke that only they can produce.

Each starter comes with 5 battery colors that allow for you to really express yourself with a stylish ecigarette. The flavors and nicotine levels are abundant and are almost hard to choose with such quantity. Just a few include Belgian Cocoa, Menthol Ice, Malibu, and SubZero. Each of the many flavors meanwhile comes in 6, 12, 18, and 24 mg/ml. The G2 Starter Kit starts at a very reasonable $35.00 and comes with every item you would need.


Starter Kit:
Each starter kit comes with:
2 G6 Automatic Batteries (78mm)
5 cartomizers
1 USB Charger
1 Wall Charger
1 User Manual

Customer Service:

All Halo brand hardare can be returned for a full exchange or refund as long as within 30 days of receipt. Consumable hardware such as atomizers and cartridges however are non-refundable unless they are broken.

Free shipping is available for all orders over $75 as long as within the United States. Halo does a tremendous job of shipping. I actually got my order shipped the same day! Their web site mentions orders occuring before 2:30pm EST are often able to be shipped the same day. I received my ordered in 3 business days!


Great cartridge design
Strong products
Great Website

Halo Cigs
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Summary: Halo is currently one of the leading brands that mixes style with a strong product. The design is one of the best.