Mt. Baker Vapor E-Cigarette Juice Review

Mt. Baker (or Mount Baker) Vapor is known as being one of the biggest online providers of e-cigarette juices for vaping. With almost 100 different e juice flavors at the time of writing, Mt. Baker provides your choice of flavors in several categories — including beverage flavors, cereal flavors, fruit flavors, dessert flavors, candy flavors, menthol and mint flavors, and, oh yeah, tobacco flavors.

There are also some interesting exclusives in Mt. Baker’s collection of e-cig juices. “GWAR Fluids” is the result of a collaboration between Mt. Baker and the alien monster heavy metal band GWAR, and includes flavors such as Bloodbath, German Chocolate Beefcake, Spew and other equally outrageous varieties.

Mt. Baker’s website also carries e juices from Charlie’s Chalk Dust, with popular options such as the cereal-and-cream flavor of Mustache Milk and the interestingly named Honey Badger (described as a robust tobacco finished with honey and cream), Wonder Worm (gummy worm and Sweet Tart flavor) and Peanut Butter & Jesus (a “divine” PB&J flavor) — among others.

Besides the vast variety Mt. Baker offers, this online e-juice giant is known for the affordability of its products. You can order each flavor in a range of different nicotine strengths, generally from 0 mg/ml to 24 mg/ml. You can also “Build Your Own E-Juice” — one of Mt. Baker’s most popular options — with up to 6 e-juice flavors in the exact blend you specify.

Mt. Baker Vapor was founded in 2009 and operates a handful of retail locations as well as its online store. The company website says that its e-juices are mixed on the day of the order and are made from USDA food grade ingredients. And in case you’re in need of an e-cig beginner kit or other vape devices, Mt. Baker offers plenty of choices along with atomizers, tanks, vaping accessories, DIY supplies and pretty much anything you might need in a one-stop vape shop.

With so many different flavors of pre-mixed e-cigarette juices, the “build your own” option, a free bottle of e-juice with every order, and all of its products available at super-affordable prices, Mt. Baker makes it possible to vape forever without getting bored of the same flavor.