V2 Cigs Review

The introduction of their new line of EX products has allowed them to become one of the most popular e-cig makers on the market. The EX Series has a slick design of a normal e-cig, but features better batteries, refillable tanks, unique flavors and more vapor in a smaller package. These e-cigs are a combination of both the small, portable designs and a personal refillable vaporizer, bringing you the best features of both.

If you have experience in vaping, you will love how this product meets your vaping needs, especially being portable. The amount of vapor it produces is comparable with higher-end e-cigs like the eGo.



The V2 has a wide variety of products available. With over ten e-liquid flavors, three battery sizes in both manual and automatic, V2 Kits, Cartridges and the new models of Vertx and V2 PRO Batteries, they carry all the equipment you’ll need. They also have starter kits for every vaper at an affordable price range.


These e-cigs are priced competitively with similar brands. Starter kits begin at $19.95 and go up to $129.99. I believe the quality and durability of these vapes are outstanding for the price.

Vapor Production

I would have voted poorly for the vapor production in the past. However, V2’s new EX cartridges and updated batteries earn the vapor production a two thumbs up.

Battery Life

The batteries that came with the kits only lasted few hours on regular usage. Thankfully, the most recent upgrades have allowed the batteries to keep active for almost an entire day. If needed, a portable charging case is available now as well.


V2 offers an impressive range of brands and flavors within each category listed below:

• Menthol
• Tabacco
• Specialty
• Fruit


The Conclusion

The new V2 e-Cigs are one of the top performers in their class. Compared to previous models, V2 has improved a lot with the quality of products at a more affordable rate. Based on my experience, they are still highly recommended. One part that makes V2 stand out is the customer service. Always helpful and willing to work things out at all times. Great place for beginners and advanced users.

They have a wide range of starter kits that fit all types of budgets. They have many brands, flavors, and levels to select from and all products are premium quality. The company dedicates itself to revolutionizing the e-cig industry for the benefit of both sellers and consumers. If you choose a V2 e-Cig products, you won’t be disappointed.


Premium quality e-Liquids
Great customer service
Durable products


Battery life on beginner starter-kits

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  • Last modified: December 27, 2016

Summary: V2 e-Cigs offer some of the best performance for their class. They have improved quality and durability of the products and they are highly recommended. V2's customer service can't be beat and along with their superior quality, they're an ideal e-cig for all users.