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First known as ‘Vapor Zone’ – VaporFi offers over 12 customary starter kits, which are individually designed for those of various vaping experiences and needs. VaporFi has a wide range of sizes and design to help match your preference. They have all sorts of MODS that you can customize and mix/match.


Vapor Review: The Package and Designnew_air_small_1-1
VaporFi starter kits are packed in an environmental-friendly cardboard box, which is green and white, and it is proportional to the size and design of the starter kits. They have a wide range from regular vapes to mechanical MODS and digital MODS. The options are overwhelming, in a good way of course. They have all sorts of different colors and slick designs. Compared to a year ago, the selection has improved dramatically. I ended upgrading three times because I wanted to try all sorts of MODS to vape. I must say, all were a great investment and I still use them.

Flavors and Vapor
The vapor production will differ based on the flavor and what type of starter kit you purchase. The difference in vapor production is not substantial with the flavors but there are differences based on the battery you use. Each starter kit produced a mild throat hit with ample vapor production. The Pro cartridge’s air flow was a bit tight, but it can be adjusted to the preference of the vaper. VaporFi offers customers the ability to customize their own flavors, which can be one or more from a wide variety of flavor combinations. VaporFi offers over 60 different flavor options that can be blended using up to three different flavors. They produce great flavored e-Juices and there are so many unique tastes that you keep wanting to buy more and try them out. The e-liquid is comprised of high-quality ingredients. The ingredients of the e-liquid are made in an FDA-registered lab in the United States, which include ingredients that are “made to inhale.” I always recommend users to go to VaporFi for e-Liquid purchases.



Battery Life and Performance
The battery life in each starter kit has at least 650mah of battery capacity, so there is not much of an issue when it comes to the battery usage. Each battery should get a vaper throughout the whole day without having to recharge. The Express Kit comes with a 180mAh battery, but it also comes with another battery that has a capacity of 280mAh so they can be switched when one is charging. They offer a great ’30 day money back guaranteed’ so users can buy with confidence.


Premium Quality
Convenient charging stand


Tight air-flow

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Summary: VaporFi’s products are high-quality and durable. The e-Liqued is comparable with the best brands on the market, and VaporFi’s e-Liquids cost less than other brands. The Pulse charges on a stand, which is more convenient than using a USB cable. Highly recommended kit and e-Liquids.