White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Review

Item: Cirrus 2 Starter Kit $39.95 (It can range up to $139.95 based on add-ons)
Item: Regular Flavor Fling Wide Disposable E-Cig $12.95
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I found White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes through an online ad and I have purchasing since October 2014. The website has a clean and bright image that draws your attention and make you feel better with the transition from packs of cigarette to e-Cigarettes. They have a section “which e-Cig is right for you” and this actually guides you to which kits, flavor and strength is best for you to get started so I found it very helpful. On the top of the website they have tabs for e-Cig 101 and Blog which are also useful because it educates you like no other website does. White Cloud explains what ingredients they use and state that all e-Liquid is made in the USA. That was a huge sale point for me because there are so many e-Juices that come from other countries and you have no idea what ingredients were used to make it.


Kit Review:
I purchased the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit around 2 years ago and currently still using it. I find it very durable and reliable considering it didn’t have much issues. Occasionally I purchase the Fling Wide Disposable e-Cig when I know I am going to travel and do not want to pack the charger and such, even though it is very compact. The disposable comes handy at times so I probably order one every quarter. I found the Cirrus 2 to have a longer lasting cartridge and battery compared to other e-Cig brands such as Vuse and Green Smoke. Another great feature about the product is that the cartridge has a site window that lets you know how much e-Liquid is available.

Customer Service:
When I first ordered the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit with the Clear Draw 2 Cartridges, the first cartridge was leaking and the inhale wasn’t right for some odd reason. I reached out to the customer service department and they sent me the Clear Draw (Regular) and it was a lot better. They sent me a 5 pack for free and shipping was taken care of as well. Excellent customer service on top of the great product. I am looking into the Cirrus 3X Starter Kit as my next vape purchase.


Clean, bright website
Helpful blog
Great price Kit: Cirrus 2 Starter


Some room for improvement

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes
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Summary: I found White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes through an online ad and I have purchasing since October 2014.